Transsexualität als Grenzüberschreitung - Darstellung und Kritik einer Bewertung des Lehramtes der katholischen Kirche

DOI: 10.61387/S.2020.34.33


Stephan Görtz


It has only been in the last few decades that the transsex- ual representation of gender identity — the changing of sex gender - is recognized legally as well as morally, thus being valued as a legitimate expression of autonomy. In contrast, the Catholic Church considers men and women who do not accept their sexual identity as crossing a moral limit. In its view, there cannot be a change of sex. At the center of this assessment of transsexuality is the extraordinary respect for the genital complementarity of the sexes, which is ultimately oriented towards reproduction. Two traditions are responsi- ble for this conception: a certain thinking based on natural law and the pessimism of Christian sexual morality.


Transsexuality, Autonomy, Natural Law, Catholic Church, Christian sexual morality


Veröffentlicht in: Sexuologie. Zeitschrift für Sexualmedizin, Sexualtherapie und Sexualwissenschaft. Band 27 • Jahr 2020 • Heft 3-4, Seiten 125-134

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