Intelligenzminderung und sexuelle übergriffe

DOI: 10.61387/S.2020.34.34


Miriam Schuler, Hannes Ulrich, Lea Ludwig, Torsten Freitag und Klaus M. Beier


Compared with the general population, people with intel- lectual disabilities (i.e. IQ < 70) are more likely to come in contact with judicial authorities due to sexually offending behavior. Despite indications of the effectiveness of the treat- ment options for people with intellectual disabilities, there is nevertheless disagreement regarding accessibility and benefit of such interventions. This article attempts to give an overview of the current state of research on diagnostic and therapeutic treatment methods for intellectually disabled people with a history of offending behavior.


Intellectual disability, Adolescents, Adults, Sexual assault


Veröffentlicht in: Sexuologie. Zeitschrift für Sexualmedizin, Sexualtherapie und Sexualwissenschaft. Band 27 • Jahr 2020 • Heft 3-4, Seiten 135-143

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