Femdom – Weibliche Ermächtigung und prägenitales Spiel wider die männliche Ordnung?

DOI: 10.61387/S.2021.1.5


Stefanie Graul


This article discusses the statements of a client, who had previously worked as a dominatrix. At first her experiences of female agency with its inherent negation of the phallic order were the center of attention in our common work. For this the ds-play (signifies dominance and submission) made a sub- stantial contribution with its pregenital practices, which place women and men sexually on the same level and establish a complicity between the sexes. In addition we decoded her strong feeling of dislike that arose prior to the contacts as a reaction to the social tabooing of female sexual power and especially of female sadism.


Female empowerment, Sexual Power, Domina(trix), Female Sadism, Deviant sexuality


Veröffentlicht in: Sexuologie. Zeitschrift für Sexualmedizin, Sexualtherapie und Sexualwissenschaft. Band 28 • Jahr 2021 • Heft 1, Seiten 31-40

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