Pädophilie und Leidensdruck

DOI: 10.61387/S.2021.34.47


Anna Konrad


Pedophilia becomes a pedophilic disorder if the person acts upon hisher pedophilic sexual fantasies or feels distressed by these fantasies or urges. The majority of research is focused on the risk of pedophilic persons acting upon their fantasies by having sexual contacts with children or using child sexual exploitation materials. There is, however, a group of pedophilic individuals who present a low risk for sexual transgressions but but contact the prevention project Dunkelfeld (PPD) because of feelings of distress due to their pedophilia. The present article aims to shed light on this specific nonoffending group by addressing the associated factors that lead to psychological distress in pedophilic individuals. In addition, a man in this subgroup describes the distress associated with his pedophilia. Lastly, the article describes the therapeutic approach used with this group and provides data on their quality of life.


Pedophilia, Distress, Berlin dissexuality therapy, Stigmatization, Quality of life


Veröffentlicht in: Sexuologie. Zeitschrift für Sexualmedizin, Sexualtherapie und Sexualwissenschaft. Band 28 • Jahr 2021 • Heft 3-4, Seiten 239-247

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